TRIZ Prizes Winners

Ms.Yuna E. Komarcheva (grand daughter of G.S.Altshuller)                                     – for preparing new publish of book "Najti ideju" ("Find of idea") by G.S.Altshuller    (2003, from COMCONTRIZ and Jonathan Livingstone Project).

Mr. Valeriy A. Mikhailov (TRIZ Master) and his student's team                             – for preparing new version of Information Fund of Chemical Effects                          (2003, from COMCONTRIZ and Jonathan Livingstone Project).

Mr. Alexander B. Selutskiy (TRIZ Master)                                                                – for organization of many TRIZ-congresses in Petrozavodk-City and TRIZ-editor work (2003, from COMCONTRIZ and Jonathan Livingstone Project).

Ms. Anna V. Korzun                                                                                                      – for complex of methodological work in OTSM-TRIZ                                             (2005, from COMCONTRIZ and Jonathan Livingstone Project).

Mr. Perelstein (posthumously)                                                                                        – for introducing the conception of physical contradiction                                           (2007, Altshuller prize committee).

 Mr. V. Gutnik                                                                                                               – for laying down the foundation of the first directory of physical effects and phenomena                                                                                                               (2007, Altshuller prize committee).

Ms. Irina Flikstein (Israel)                                                                                            – for helping out Altshuller in the work on creating Vepol analysis and classifying 40 Principles into Principles and anti-Principles                                                               (2008, Altshuller prize committee).

Mr. Yuri Khotimlyansky (USA)                                                                                    – for discovery of Energy Conductivity Principle (later called the law of Energy Conductivity) and Responsiveness Principle                                                              (2008, Altshuller prize committee).  



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