October, 15 – Birthday of G.S.Altshuller

Genrich Saulovich Altshuller
The basic dates of the his life

15.10.1926 – the first day of his life, Tashkent City (Uzbekistan).
1931 – he comes to Baku City (Azerbaijan) together with his parents.
1943 – after the ending of professional school he go to military
service, he serves in the inventionfs inspection of the Caspian military flotilla.
1943 – he creates the his first invention (with co-authors).
1945 – after the ending of the Second world war he continues service in the
military flotilla; the first ideas about creation TRIZ appear in him.
1950 – he becomes the younger officer of a military flotilla; he is arrested and condemned by means of false accusation.
1954 – he is released as unduly prisoner; he comes back in Baku.
1956 – the his first publication about TRIZ appear in magazine, the his first publications by fantastic literature appear.
1957 – the his first educational and practical seminars about TRIZ; G.S.Altshuller's marriage with V.N.Zhuravlyova.
1961 – the his first book about TRIZ apear.
1971 – the Azerbaijan institute of inventions creativity (in Baku City) is creation.
1979 – the Public laboratory of the theory of invention is creation, the regular seminars and publications about TRIZ is beginning.
1990 – he moving to Petrozavodsk City (Russia) in connection with war in
24.09.1998 – Petrozavodsk City (Russia), the last day of his life.
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